Twist, transform, go further in imagination…

Retouch a photo could be necessary when the weather is not in the mood, when the corporate logo changes, when it was impossible to go to the place where the product or the machine had to be for the photos, even when the object hasn’t got the good colour…
So, the optical artist becomes a graphic tablet artist, the software Photoshop must find its master !
Antoine became an expert and his skill in routing, modification, colorimetry, change of light, addition of shadows, integration in a landscape, addition of a logo, is fully realised in order to restore in the product its letters patents into the adequate and wished environment.
But the modification can go further and turns into an artistic and creative expression : a real transformation of the reality !
By twisting and playing with it to make an original, corrosive and surprising work, Antoine excels in this world offering innovative and inspiring ideas for advertisements !
Enjoy and admire this original work, analyzing the added value on each picture in this portfolio.